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Carrier Infinity GAPCCCAR2025 Filter

Carrier Infinity GAPCCCAR2025 Filter

Genuine Carrier GAPCCCAR2025 purifier cartridge. This replacement filter is for the Carrier Infinity GAPAAXCC2025  electyronic air purifiers. This filter IS NOT for use in other air cleaners nor should any other air filter be used in the Carrier Infinity Purifier. The Carrier GAPCCCAR2025 features MERV 15 performance and patented Capture and Kill technology. Nominal dimensions of the Carrier Infinity GAPCCCAR2025 filter are 20x25x4. Actual Dimensions are 20-5/8" x 24-3/8" x 3/1/2". 

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The following was taken from the manufacturer's literature.
Q: Exactly how does the technology work?
A: In step 1, particles entering the air purifier are electrically charged by the precision point ionization 
array which uses 22,000 volts DC to create dense “clouds” of ions that attach themselves to the
particles. In step 2, a specially designed media cartridge is sandwiched between 12,000 volts DC and
electrical ground. As a result, a strong electrical field is created across the filter, which causes the
negative and positive charges within each filter fiber to separate and migrate to opposite sides of the
fiber (polarization). Particles entering the filter are electrically attracted to the oppositely charged part
of a fiber resulting in extremely high collection efficiency. In step 3, the intense electric field established
across the filter results in a charge separation across the captured pathogen's cell membrane and a
stretching of the cell wall. The pathogen is also bombarded by negative ions from the ionization
section which further pushes the membrane towards rupture. The net result on captured pathogens is
the rupturing of the cell membrane and death.
Q: Why is germicidal capability important?
A: Just capturing pathogens on the filter (like typical systems) doesn't eliminate all the risks associated
with poor air quality. Dust, dead skin cells, and other matter collected on the filter provide nutrients on
which trapped organisms can grow and, as a result, produce waste products which are then carried
downstream into the living space. Certain bacteria, for example, can release endotoxins to which many
people are highly allergic. They can irritate the skin, induce respiratory problems, fever, and even
shock. In humid environments, mold can multiply and actually grow through a filter and live spores can
be distributed throughout the home.
Q: Is the air purifier effective for the H1N1 Swine Flu virus?
A: Claims that a product can produce a health benefit with respect to H1N1 are subject to the jurisdiction
of the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA requires that any air cleaning product about which a
claim related to H1N1 is published be first certified as a Class II Medical Device. The Infinity® air purifier
is not certified as a Class II Medical Device.
Q: How efficient is this unit's filtration?
A: The Infinity air purifier is MERV 15. A MERV rating of 15 indicates the filter achieves 85-95% efficiency for
the smallest particles tested.
Q: How long will the filter last?
A: Filter life varies from home to home, and is based on several factors. Most homeowners find that the
filter lasts for 8 to 12 months.
Q: How do I know when to change my filter?
A: If your purifier is used in conjunction with the Carrier® Infinity® Control, the control will notify you when
it is time to change the filter. Other thermostats may have a timer or reminder built in.
Q: What can happen if someone changes an ordinary inexpensive filter containing live pathogens?
A: The person changing the filter can be exposed to potential health risks. For example: 1) a person may
come in contact with a contaminated surface containing live infection-causing pathogens and; 2)
movement of the dirty filter can shake loose dust pathogens into the air which could then be inhaled.
Q: Are there any odor control benefits to the Infinity Air Purifier?
A: The Infinity air purifier is capable of capturing very small particles, down to 0.1 micron. Odors
associated with the presence of particulates will be reduced. If odor control is a concern, Carrier
recommends installing a ventilator to bring in fresh air.
Q: What is the power consumption of the purifier?
A: Approximately 18 watts.
Q: Does the Infinity Air Purifier make any sounds while operating?
A: No. Unlike traditional electronic air cleaners, the purifier creates no zapping noises.

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